From the beginning of time, the man has been trying to get a grasp of his future so he could plan more precisely or confront fewer harms. With the developments of industries, technologies, financial, social and political interactions in an international scale, more challenges arise to the future planning because we are dealing with a lot more effective elements, compared to the past.
In financial and economic fields these challenges are immense because it is an indisputable fact that the effective agents and data in this field not only are unbound to financial market but also relate real-life data such as news, social networks, human behavior, geopolitical events, etc. Therefore, The man is facing massive data and such challenge exceeds the typical analysis and conventional methods, so to address this challenge, new hybrid research fields between novel machine learning fields and big data analysis are formed.

Nullatech artificial intelligence application is now available for free so you can have the opportunity to get familiar with the Nullatech prediction service of financial markets prediction based on AI.
This app includes a limited number of international stock symbols for which their weekly price change rates are predicted using AI every day and is brought to you through the app.
In order to inspect other markets and desired symbols in tick-by-tick, hourly, daily, weekly, etc. fashion, you can visit our website through the app and get our dedicated prediction service. The international markets of the commodity, stock exchange, energy, cryptocurrency, etc. are among the markets that Nullatech provides services for. Nullatech AI has the unique ability to build a dedicated prediction service based on your needs using your own data and information sources alongside Nullatech Information and Data Core.
By subscribing in the app you will be notified with our latest services, promotions and special offers.


  • See next-week change rates every day
  • See the accuracy of AI based on 300-week evaluation for each symbol
  • See the diagram of last price changes and the previous predictions in the past 12 weeks
  • Get the notifications of next week as soon as the market closes
  • Access symbols list in the search section

You can download the app from here.

Nullatech dedicated service for companies is also available here where your desired API request can be made. you can also check out our daily predictions for free here where we showcase a set of limited symbols with just enough details for you to investigate our accuracy.

Can you predict stock market?

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