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International Investors and startups were in Istanbul for the purpose of writing success stories of the future.

“Turkey Innovation Week” is one of the biggest innovation events in Eurasia. This event contributes greatly to the settlement and development of the concept of innovation by including “BORN GLOBAL” identity into its constitution. Big global companies like TEB, Sabancı Holding, Turkcell, Turkish Airlines, Arçelik and Çalık Holding were the sponsors of this event. more than 200 institutions and 60.000 visitors participated in Turkey Innovation Week last year.

This year the event held at the Istanbul Congress Center between 6-9 December 2017 and brought together all the colors of the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. Great speakers like Sergio Canavero, Adam Greenfield and Noel Sharkey had speech in this event. As one of the most important meeting points of startup and technology companies, Born Global Istanbul is designed as a platform to bring entrepreneurs with investors and support service organizations for cooperation opportunities.

60 national and 60 global entrepreneurs selected after pre-evaluation, and presented their projects in the presence of jury and investors under the pitching competition.

Nullatech Selected as Top 60 Startups

Nullatech team
Nullatech Team at Turkey Innovation Week

Nullatech selected as one the “60 Top Global Pitching Winners” presented on the global stage. This is our third  international achievement.  Nullatech was the only iranian startup in this event and pitched for the jury. We met startups and entrepreneurs from another countries. We had a meeting with successful entrepreneurs like Ozan Sonmez, Managing Director of GroethCircuit VC/ Accelerator in SanFransisco, Erhan Erkut and Founding Vice president and Dean MEF Universitesi. Afer all It was a really good opportunity for us and we had a very good experience.

Nullatech Made it to the top 60 startups in Turkey Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week 2017

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