Nullatech attended ITE (Iran Transaction Exhibition) last week. This exhibition is organized by FABA and is an international event that provides an appropriate space for all stakeholders of banking and payment industry to share latest ideas and products. This year 50 FinTech startups demonstrate their innovative ideas and solutions to the banking and payments industries. Nullatech attended this exhibition as one of the 16 top fintech startups.

IFIA Prize

Nullatech Won the IFIA prize

We had a great experience in this exhibition. We talked to many investors and investment companies. At the second day of exhibition we had a pitch about our startup and selected as top 5 fintech startups. It was a good opportunity for us to introduce ourself as one of the best fintech startups.

The last day of exhibition was the closing ceremony. Nullatech selected as one of the chosen startups from he International Federation of Inventors’ Associations and won the IFIA prize.

Nullatech Won The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) Award

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