A few days ago we published a post and said that Nullatech startup has been selected as top 100 startups for startup istanbul event. Startup Istanbul is the biggest entrepreneurship event in Eurasia. Every year great mentors and investors attend this event. So it is a good opportunity for startups to use mentors guide and have the chance to find an investor.

This year more than 25000 teams from more than 135 countries requested to participate in this event. But only 100 teams selected and could connect to the mentors, investors, tech executives and media.

Nullatech Team at Startup Istanbul.

Nullatech startup has been selected as top 100 startups. Selected startups participated in mentorship workshops. After that, they represented their work to the judges and talked about their previous work and future plans. After the presentation judges selected Nullatech and 14 more startups as the finalists.

Nullatech Selected as Top 15 startups

Nullatech Team at Startup Istanbul.

Nullatech selected as one of the 15 top startups and made it to the final level. This event held in world class level and only top startups got the opportunity to pitch about their startup. Judges were really strict and had special factors to choose the top startups. So it was a pleasure to us to made it to the final level of the biggest event in Eurasia.

We met great mentors and investors in this event. We talked to other teams from all around the world and had a great experience. We are highly motivated to keep doing our job and will use this experience for our future work.

Nullatech made it to the top 15 startups in Startup Istanbul 2017

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